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Welcome to the F&A Report Generator for sponsored projects at the University of Florida. Please use this site to generate reports of Indirect Cost (IDC) details. If you wish to change your distribution or if no distribution is found, please use the FA Manager link to complete your distribution.

The IDC return is based on a schedule of IDC collected for the year less allocated costs. This year's distribution includes a University Strategic Initiative assessment charged to all Administrative Units, Centers, Departments and Colleges.

FA Manager - This application enables you to view and update your 2015-2016 indirect cost distribution detail for a specific PeopleSoft project.  You can manage investigator, department and center splits along with the PeopleSoft overhead account to receive your funds.

FA Report 2017/2018 - This application enables you to query and view the current distribution information from the FA Manager in the Office of Research.

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Distributed F&A funds are for expenditures that support research or sponsored training programs at the University of Florida as detailed in the Indirect Cost Return and Use Policy.