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Facilities & Administrative Manager

F&A Manager annual reports enable Principal Investigators (PIs) and Research Administrators from all UF colleges and units except IFAS and Engineering to analyze distribution data for PIs, Departments, and Centers. Reports are published annually in the fall after distributions earned in the previous fiscal year have been transferred to PI, Department, and Center recipients.

The report includes only data distributed in the indicated fiscal year(s) and is not projective of future years’ distributions. The Fiscal Year selection defaults to the most recently distributed year. Use the “Clear” function to remove current FY selections and manually select the year(s) you wish to view, or use the “All” function to add all years listed to the report criteria. The report allows users to query the Earning Project (Project number, PI UFID, Manager Name, Project Dept ID, Project Fund Code), and/or the recipient F&A Return Project (Project number, PI UFID, Manager Name, Dept ID). The report also features an optional toggle filter to further limit search criteria by distribution split types: PI, Dept, Center, or ALL. Results can also be exported to Excel.

The Earning Project query shows F&A return data for all sponsored projects that earned F&A. It allows users to search for a specific project; all projects for a department; all projects for a college; all earning for a PI; or all projects for a fund, including amounts and project details for the recipient F&A Return Projects.

The F&A Return Project query shows F&A allocation data for all projects that received F&A returns. It allows users to search for a specific project’s returns; all returns to a department; all returns to a college; or all returns to a PI, including amounts and project details for the original Earning Projects.

FA Distribution Report

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